Music has been one of the few constants in my life. I started playing guitar when I was about 13, and have since expanded to a dozen or so instruments. Here’s a small sample of some of the projects I’ve been a part of.

The Jumpbacks
Playing guitar in the rockabilly band The Jumpbacks

Wax Quixotic

I’ve always loved experimenting with strange sound sources. As Wax Quixotic I used things like field recordings, kids toys, vintage synthesizers and found sounds.

Wax Quixotic · Patterns

The Soma Holidays

I played bass and sang backup in this band back in the early 2000’s. The opening track of this album is my favorite piece of music I’ve ever been involved with.

the soma holidays · Two Recordings


“Bash” is the admittedly unoriginal pseudonym that I’ve been posting music under recently. There’s not really a clear direction, just when inspiration strikes I follow where it leads.

bash · Splinter
bash · Do Your Job (demo)

The image “California Adventure Panorama” by Luke Deniston is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.